Nils Frahm

+ 1re partie : Zoë Keating

30 Saturday June


Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie

Ticket Prices*50€/40€/35€

The January 2018 release of All Melody, the magnetic and contemplative new masterpiece by German musician Nils Frahm, was an event in the music world. Given the myriad facets of this artist’s panoramic work, he merited more than an ordinary concert at Days Off. Thus, he was offered a “carte blanche”, granting him free artistic rein for the opening day, 30 June 2018, with Nils himself as the finale. A master on piano, and electronic variations on his instrument of predilection, Berlin-based Nils Frahm composes the soundtrack of urban solitude, interior landscapes, and sensualities 2.0, at the crossroads between minimalism and technoid sorcery. His masterfully constructed yet wildly free music defies any label (neo-classical, ambient, etc.); it is luminous despite its shadows, and expressionistic even in its sublime silences. With All Melody, his most accessible album to date, it is time this secretive musician received the same honours as his compatriot Max Richter. Nils Frahm’s panorama at Days Off, with the participation of his artist friends, will take place in various locations at the Philharmonie. It promises to be an extensive journey into his universe, with surprises at every turn.

Opening act: Zoë Keating


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