Clara Luciani

7 Saturday July


Le Studio - Philharmonie

Ticket Prices*22€

By turn feline and passionate, introspective and elusive, feminine and feminist, vindictive and vehement, singer-songwriter Clara Luciana pairs complexity with cool self-possession. Behind her girlish youth and slightness hides a deep and assured voice. Behind the dark-haired madonna hides an animal, a multifaceted and ever-shifting creature, a ‘monster of love’ who can envy the silent beauty of flowers and at the same time carry a grenade in her chest. With her highly-praised first EP, Monstre d’Amour, Clara Luciani proved her gift for songwriting. Her songs have the sheen of those by the passionate songstresses of her youth: Françoise Hardy, Lana Del Rey, Barbara, Blondie, and Nico, etc. With her appearance at Days Off, we will discover live her first album, Sainte-Victoire (an ode to her native Provence) released in April 2018 by Universal Music.


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