Pantha du Prince "Conference of Trees"

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Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique

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The Berlin artist presents his latest interdisciplinary project, in communion with trees.

Over the past ten years, Hendrick Weber, aka Pantha du Prince, has made a name for himself by presenting his minimalist creations in outdoor settings, and inversely incorporating sounds of nature into his music. In his new scenic project The Conference of Trees, created last year in Hamburg, he leads an ensemble of percussionists and instruments made from different sorts of wood, forming a direct connection to the forests that were his inspiration. Electronic music remains the base medium, but here it is deployed in a poetic and pantheist ode to the natural elements, accompanied by a stunning immersive scenography, deploying the visual arts and costume / sound design, all for an ecological cause. “Without forests we would not exist as humans on this planet,” says Weber. Presented here for the first time in France, this majestic, philosophical and consummate show is one of the key events of this edition.