Arandel "InBach"

avec Vanessa Wagner, Gaspar Claus, Barbara Carlotti, Ben Shemie, Emmanuelle Parrenin...


Amphithéâtre - Cité de la musique

Booking22 €


An ever-creative explorer in the electro genre, Arandel borrows rare instruments from the Musée de la musique to offer these inventive, playful and touching renditions of the Bach repertoire—all in fine company.

In ten years, with five inspired albums and remixes for Son Lux, Yael Naim and Tahiti 80, Arandel has handily interwoven electronica, pop and contemporary music—like a French cousin of the English label Warp. Always up for a daring new challenge, Arandel has now turned to baroque music and Bach. Born from a Philharmonie de Paris - Musée de la musique proposal, InBach replays 18th-century melodies with an uncommon method: first recorded on museum instruments, the scores then pass through the studio filter, are cut, spliced and then replayed on the synthesiser. Here, bass viol and hurdy-gurdy converse with keyboard glockenspiel ondioline and other electronic conjurations. Co-produced by the InFiné label and the Philharmonie de Paris, InBach will be interpreted on stage with instruments lent specially by the museum and illustrious guests: pianist Vanessa Wagner and cellist Gaspar Claus, along with Barbara Carlotti, Ben Shemie (Suuns) and Emmanuelle Parrenin.


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