Portico Quartet


Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique

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Supporting its superb and ambitious new album Terrain, Portico Quartet comes to Days Off reaffirming both an artistry all its own and its emblematic status on the British scene, at the crossroads between jazz and ambient music.

The last time Portico Quartet performed at the Philharmonie de Paris was at the 2018 edition of Jazz à la Villette. For the group now to be appearing at Days Off is a testament to the unique place it has occupied since emerging on the British scene fifteen years ago. Intrepidly exploring new aesthetic fields with each album, Portico Quartet fuses jazz with electronic or ambient music. In 2019, Memory Streams centred the group’s sound around the live dimension and its instruments of predilection: saxophone, drums, bass, piano and percussions (including the famous hang, an instrument created in Switzerland in 2000). This year, Portico Quartet released Terrain, an expansive and ambitious suite in three movements, firmly rooted in the heritage of American minimalism and its non-Western influences. It takes the group down a new path, inviting the audience to follow along on this journey in concert.


1st part: Hania Rani

In two albums, young Polish pianist Hania Rani has emerged as a distinctive talent on the neoclassical scene, to which she has brought notable new perspective. Her 2019 release Esja was a study in sensitive landscapes, showcasing her ability to translate emotions and images into delicate instrumental pieces, composed and interpreted solo on piano. Last year, Home, a suite recorded and mixed between Warsaw and Berlin, introduced subtle electronic touches and rhythmic elements, attesting to the diversity of her influences, from Chopin to Nils Frahm and… Portico Quartet. It also revealed her diaphanous and enchanting voice, striking a chord with fans of Agnes Obel. 

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