Ben Howard

Location Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie
Prices 47€ / 37€ / 27€
Numbered seating
Ben Howard  © BH

Ben Howard

Soft emotions are at the heart of this show welcoming Ben Howard, an unassuming herald of the constantly evolving British folk.

In 2018, Ben Howard’s ambitious third album, Noonday Dream, marked a turning point in his decade-long career paved with remarkable success. His former forays into feverish, feeling-filled folk, Every Kingdom (2011) and I Forget Where We Were (2014), received multiple awards and public acclaim. The British songwriter surfed this wave with Noonday Dream, a collection of code-breaking songs worked into an enveloping production of dense textures and sound strata. This emancipation is reminiscent of the giant steps taken by Radiohead with OK Computer or the work of Swedish José González with his band Junip. The wave continued rolling in 2021 when Ben Howard released the beautiful Collections from the Whiteout, recorded with producer Aaron Dessner (The National), and its transposition to a live stage is highly anticipated.

Opening act : tba

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