Kings of Convenience

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Location Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie
Prices €45 / €35 / €25
Numbered seating
Kings of Convenience
© Kings of Convenience

The Norwegian duo Kings of Convenience is back on stage to promote an unexpected fourth album. Sublime melodies, pristine arpeggios and vocal harmonies for a timeless folk piece to accompany a balmy summer evening.

After a more than ten-year recording hiatus, Kings of Convenience released their remarkable album Peace or Love last year, and it’s like the time had no meaning. Eirik Glambek Bøe and Erlend Øye met as children as part of a geography competition, and their music suggests a certain familiarity with Caetano Veloso’s Brazil or Simon and Garfunkel’s America, well-known zones where their personal and delicate songs come into their own. Kings of Convenience first appeared in 2001 with Quiet Is the New Loud, a miraculous album that oscillated between pop, folk and bossa nova. Its success marked the return of Europop to a more acoustic feel, following the domination of electric guitars and electronic music of the 1990s. The album had such an enormous impact that its name christened a movement of several groups of acoustic guitars and velvety voices. However, these other groups remained in the shadow of Kings of Convenience, whose melodies enchanted the 2000s and are brightening up this new age in sore need of cheer.

Opening act: to be announced

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