Hexagone : Benjamin Epps, Chilla, Bamao Yendé & friends, Vicky R, Sheldon...

Location Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Prices € 22 / € 10 for under 28 years old
Duration About 5h00

A call-and-response to the exhibit Hip-Hop 360, an exceptional stage for the most exciting artists in modern French-language hip hop, starting with the revelation Benjamin Epps and his fiery punchlines.

Benjamin Epps

In just two years and three EPs, Benjamin Epps has established himself as the revelation of hip hop in French, taking inspiration from American hip hop scene of the 1990s.


The young Franco-Swiss singer Chilla develops a very personal style of writing and phrasing for songs that are both introspective and direct.

Bamao Yendé & Friends (Rad Cartier, Poté, Nyokô Bokbaë, Prince Kongo, Thee Dian)

As a DJ, producer and founder of the label Boukan Records, Bamao Yendé wows with remarkably free electronic music surrounded by a new wave of European artists.

Vicky R

A rising star in hip hop in French, Vicky R’s ability to smoothly migrate across styles makes her stand out from the crowd.


The rapper, beatmaker and producer Sheldon, a member of the collective 75e Session, is presenting the tracks from his latest and very generous album, Spectre.

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