Kae Tempest

1re partie : Goat Girl


Location Salle des concerts - Cité de la musique
Prices € 35 / € 28
Duration About 2h30
Seating numbered / free standing

This show is unfortunately canceled. Your tickets will be refund.

« I’m so sad to have to write another one of these messages - I’ve still got covid. Unfortunately I have no choice but to cancel my show at Days Off Festival in Paris this Friday. I love playing in Paris and have been excited at the prospect of playing the Philharmonie, I hate to cancel and I wish I didn’t have to. Your tickets are refundable from point of purchase. I will be in Paris for the European tour in November I hope some of you may be able to make it to that show instead. I’m so sorry to let you down I don’t take it lightly but I know if I push it too hard now it’s likely to linger. »

Laser-focused, poetic, political and unflinchingly modern, Kae Tempest’s spoken-word performances take on a new dimension on stage, where the artist will present their highly anticipated fourth album.

Whether put to paper in poetry collections or projected in public in a voice blending deep anger and vulnerability, Kae Tempest’s words strike at the heart. This 36-year-old English artist enjoys a specific place on modern stages, both as a major figure in literature (recognised for their poetry with the Silver Lion at the Biennale di Venezia, among other prestigious awards) and as a performer in their own right at the head of a generation immersed in hip-hop, jazz and electronic music. An approach open to the world as it is and as it should be, a quest for authenticity and freedom that breaks down distinctions between music, genres, gender. Non-binary. Since their first, incandescent experience with Days Off in 2017, Kae Tempest removed a letter from their name and opened themself up to more freedom. They will perform pieces from their highly anticipated fourth album, The Line Is a Curve, a new collaboration between the major producers Dan Carey and Rick Rubin led by two initial singles with a very electro feel.

Opening act: Goat Girl

With their second album, the London foursome Goat Girl are bringing the joys of inventive psychedelic pop to post-punk. 

The four members of Goat Girl were noticed by the major label Rough Trade in 2016 when they were just 16, and they started out in the tradition of nonchalant yet raw English post-punk punctuated with guitars and a splash of angst. While the tracks on their highly acclaimed first album in 2018 were all the penwomanship of Lottie Pendlebury alone, their second album is (already) taking a new direction: the choicely named On All Fours is the result of a resolutely collective approach that achieves a more vibrant, colourful musical style. Each member of the group now plays her own part in composing and lyric-writing for the more pop-like tracks that are joyfully interspersed with synthetic and electronic notes.

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