Thylacine avec l'Orchestre national d'Ile-de-France

Location Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie
Prices 45€/35€/25€
Duration About 1h45
Numbered seating

Echoing his album Timeless, in which the electronic musician reworked some of the key moments of the classical repertoire, Thylacine is now working with the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France for a meeting of machines and symphonic arrangements. 

In less than a decade, Thylacine has charted a unique path through the electronic music scene, with pieces that are a testament to his taste for far-off lands. Originally a saxophonist with classical conservatoire training, Thylacine invites his audience into his albums, the names of which are themselves invitations to travel (Transsiberian, Roads). Along the roads and railroads, sounds, light and encounters fuel a dense and original electro sound, regularly interspersed with instruments from the world over. When travel temporarily ground to a halt in 2020, Thylacine turned his attention to new shores: classical music. Timeless is thus a meeting point of Satie, Beethoven, Mozart and Debussy with the boldest of electronic arrangements. Its success simply begged for it to be extended to the stage on a larger scale, and the Orchestre national d’Île-de-France will therefore imbibe these pieces – and others plucked from Thylacine’s discography – with an unrivalled ambiance.


7:30pm: doors
8pm: show

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