Jarvis Cocker joue "Chansons d'Ennui Tip-Top"

1re partie : Lisa Hannigan

Location Grande salle Pierre Boulez - Philharmonie
Prices €45 / €35 / €25
Numbered seating

The former Pulp singer was invited by Days Off to revisit some favourite French pop classics from the 1960s, immortalised in the film The French Dispatch, for an elegant on-stage performance accompanied by a string group.

Jarvis Cocker is a charismatic figure in English pop with a very particular 40-year career characterised by an elevated idea of songwriting that wasn't met with quite the acclaim it deserved. After a rather sluggish start in the 1980s, his band Pulp took off remarkably in popularity at the start of the 1990s when the Britpop movement set in. Trends are transient but talent is timeless, and Jarvis Cocker mobilises his with refreshing freedom, from solo albums and BBC shows to luxury collaborations such as Room 29, which he dreamed up with the pianist Chilly Gonzales and performed on stage for Days Off in 2017. Today, Jarvis Cocker is returning to his roots with Tip-Top, the character created by Wes Anderson for The French Dispatch, which is a golden opportunity for this English musician to pay tribute to his big source of inspiration, French pop music of the 1960s. On the programme are classy reinterpretations of pieces performed in the past by Françoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg, Christophe or Brigitte Bardot.

Opening act: Lisa Hannigan

The one-of-a-kind Lisa Hannigan is back for her third edition of the Days Off festival. Her concert is a delicate arrangement of folk and pop where time seems to stand still.

While Irish singer Lisa Hannigan’s work was long indissociable from Damien Rice, whom she supported for his first two albums and with whom she toured the world, she has been charting her own path now for a good fifteen years. Lisa Hannigan's talent is remarkable, perfected over three studio albums which each represent a new chapter in the rich history of Irish folk music, a style she interprets in a gentle, melodious fashion characterised by her soft voice and her inspiring arrangements. Her songs are simple yet sophisticated, reworked and rearranged in 2019 with the contemporary music group  s t a r g a z e  for a bold and sublime live album. Something to play on repeat until her highly anticipated new studio album comes out. 

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